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Contact Northwest Training & Development to provide your organization with training and development in "Back Power", the official program of the National Safety Council and leading Safety associations.  Trainer certification is currently offered through Northwest Training & Development.

Originated by Dr. David Imrie of Toronto, and incorporating the best of medical, chiropractic and exercise physiology, Back Power is an approach which teaches people about the functional mechanism of their backs, and gives them a learning experience that allows them to assess their own risk levels.  Back Power picks up where ergonomics leaves off, by addressing worker capability.   They get to feel the difference that simple stretching and strengthening can make, and learn how to exercise their backs more effectively, with less effort and without risk of injury.   By introducing them to new perspectives on why we get back pain, and by effectively using motivational and experiential techniques, the program consistently gets positive results.

Back Power

Back Power involves 2 sessions of from 1 to 2 hours in length delivered to workers four to six weeks apart during regular safety meetings.

Session One:
The first 1 -2 hour session that trainers present is, Back Power, it covers:
– New perspectives on the Back Problem
– The two sides of a back problem
– The meaning of back pain 
– The two parts of the back and how it functions + the role of posture and breathing 
– Determining Back Fitness – proper application of the National Back Fitness Test 
– The Back Power exercise program 
– Commitment to action and follow-up 

Session Two:The second session deals with Muscle Maintenance. It covers:
– Discussion of reactions and exercise experience since last session
– Retest of back fitness, discussion of results and referrals to Back Power Plus (see below) where required 
– Muscle Maintenance tests and exercises
– Lifting and Ergonomics
– Commitment to Action

Back Power Plus

Back Power also offers a level of programming called “Back Power Plus”, which is intended for those workers who have already experienced recurrent back problems and who need additional assistance.  This level of one-on-one training and support is generally delivered by an occupational health nurse or a trainer.  The program allows for the modification of the basic program, required by the 10% or so of people who have specific problems, and for whom the basic program needs adaptation.  It involves a 15 – 20 minute session once per week for 4 to 5 weeks. This training is included in the 2 day train the trainer session.

Support Materials

Booklets for participants  are used as part of the sessions. As such, there is a Back Power booklet and a Muscle Maintenance booklet. These cost $10 (CDN) for the set of two, sold only to qualified trainers.