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Changing the Language of Safety

This is not another book covering the “what’s” – the nuts and bolts of safety. This is about how you handle yourself when interacting with others — how you communicate and how you come across with your safety messages.

“Practical! Readable! Insightful!  A breath of fresh air for everyone involved in health and well being, in any workplace on the planet."

—Cecil L. Demers, Chief Executive Officer,
Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association

Products to enhance your safety program 

The Art of Safety Book 

Every day, we shape the reality of how people experience us and the safety programs we offer—by the way we present both ourselves and the information we deliver. Are you delivering your safety messages in the most effective way— the way that gets immediate buy-in?

Remove communication barriers from traditional safety programs, and you get The Art of Safety—a cutting edge communication and collaboration solution for today’s all-important safety programs.

Provides you with all the information you need… highly-customizable safety meeting tips, training ideas, and presentation communication tools provide you and your organization with real-world functionality that anyone can use—wherever they are. If your safety program isn’t where you want it to be, discover, right now, how The Art of Safety will transform your safety program.

Health and Safety Committee Development Profile

Ever wonder whether your committee is performing to it’s full potential?

What would it be worth to get increased effectiveness in this vital area of performance?

The Health and Safety Training Instrument for Health and Safety Committees is the Profile that incorporates adult learning concepts and has been field tested with committees in a range of organizations. 

Diseases of Workers book

Out of print for almost 30 years, the classic which established Ramazzini as the "Father of Occupational Medicine" is finally available in reprint! An essential read for every occupational health student or professional.

Words that Change Minds book

By Shellé Rose Charvet

Find out why it’s referenced in the Art of Safety!
In Shellé’s bestselling book, "Words That Change Minds," she gives you a new way of thinking about individuals and groups, to help you influence and persuade groups and individuals.

TOR (Technique of Operations Review) worksheets, handbook, trainers manual

Need to avoid blame?  Identify all contributing factors fast? Go visual and direct attention appropriately? Let TOR open up your incident investigations.

 Back Power


Back Power Training

Originated by Dr. David Imrie of Toronto, and incorporating the best of medical, chiropractic and exercise physiology, Back Power is an approach which teaches people about the functional mechanism of their backs, and gives them a learning experience that allows them to assess their own risk levels.


Charisma – The Art of Relationships Book (The Non-verbal Wisdom in Cats & Dogs)

Known for his groundbreaking work in group dynamics, this time, Michael Grinder has written a book designed specifically for you– to help you create your own charisma.

Cats and Dogs Personal Profile

The Cats and Dogs Personal Profile is a training tool that allows individuals to identify their self perceptions of their own "Catness" or "Dogness", and to compare those perceptions with those of others around them at work and at home. 

 How Not to
Get Shot

 "How Not to Get Shot" DVD

NEED TO DELIVER A DIFFICULT MESSAGE and retain relationships… Remember the saying ‘don’t shoot the messenger’? This DVD is designed to teach people how to deliver bad news and not get shot! It is a series of steps that are very specific and allow anyone who uses them to maintain relationships while presenting other than good information.

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