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Ever wonder whether your committee is performing to it’s full potential?

What would it be worth to get increased effectiveness in this vital area of performance?

The Health and Safety Training Instrument for Health and Safety Committees. The Profile incorporates adult learning concepts and has been field tested with committees in a range of organizations.  Self assess your committee with a practical, reliable tool – in the true spirit of joint management – worker problem solving.
The Profile is a tool for committees to self assess their current state of development, diagnose issues requiring attention, and create action plans for increased effectiveness.

The Profile is:
– Straight forward
– Easy to Use
– Inexpensive 
– Accepted by committees

One Profile is required for each committee member. A Trainer’s Manual is available for the facilitator.

$7.95 (each)


Trainer’s Manual
$7.95 (each)    



Small Package
$49.95 (6 Profiles + 1 Trainer’s Manual)



Large Package
$89.95 (12 Profiles + 1 Trainer’s Manual )