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Why do some people seem to attract attention, to have charisma when they walk into a room? What if you too, could tap into your persuasive communicator and strengthen interpersonal relationships? What if you could repeat your patterns of success?

Known for his groundbreaking work in group dynamics, this time, Michael Grinder has written a book designed specifically for you– to help you create your own charisma. By identifying specific attributes that create charisma, Michael offers new and exciting communication techniques in his latest book "Charisma-The Art of Relationships."

Author: Michael Grinder

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"Charisma-The Art of Relationships" is a blueprint of developing charisma, showing you proven methods that help you:

–  Understand and accept yourself and others

–   Separate your and others- intentions from actions

–  Interpret your and others- behaviors more accurately

–  Provide new ideas on resolving conflict including, knowing which conflicts not to try to resolve

–  Improve your leadership skills and manage difficult personalities

Why are some people easy to influence and work with and others are not?

Michael Grinder’s "Charisma-The Art of Relationships" answers these questions and more. Anyone who has ever owned a cat and a dog instinctively knows the differences between their personalities. By using the analogy of animals this book examines people as if they are cats and dogs, learn to transfer our intuitive knowledge of animals to people.

"Charisma-The Art of Relationships" opens with an understanding of the concept of Cats & Dogs. We then reflect on our self and eventually expand the analogy to comprehending others. Often the difficult person is the lynch pin to the much-needed team collaboration and cooperation. "Charisma-The Art of Relationships" offers a way of non-judgmentally understanding these difficult people and strategies to bring them aboard.

"Charisma-The Art of Relationships" is not a personality model. It is a behavioral model assisting us in recognizing the patterns of communication between people. Recognizing patterns adds meaning to our perception. The cat and dog model is dynamic. Developing both our catness and dogness results in increased charisma. We experience more joy at work. A charismatic leader has a followship of dogs and a fellowship of cats.

What if you could increase your ability to predict-with high accuracy-what was going to happen next.